Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great British Beer Festival 2010, tasting notes via Twitter (2)

Earl's Court: Saturday daytime session

  • Kelburn Misty Law: nice dusty aroma like good Scottish 80/- . Sweet, bitter and very quaffable;
  • Kingstone 1503 Tudor Ale: very raisiny dark ale. Hint of home-roasted malt. Authentic mediaeval flavour
  • Goff's Jouster: amber, almost odorless, malty and fruity, smoky in the finish.
  • Stewart's Edinburgh No 3: dark premium ale, slight aroma of slurry, but very smooth and delicate flavour. Unusually woody.
  • O'Hanlon's Port Stout: rich, very clean, less raisin than you might expect, can't taste the port.
  • Caledonian Mexican Bandit: very hoppy and fruity head, orange or lime. Much less flavour on the sip or the swallow, though.
  • Belhaven 70/-: clear coppery coloured, apricot/caramel scented, startlingly fruity flavour with a bitter, metallic chlorophyll finish
  • Sulwath Solway Mist: slightly cloudy, very sharp, hoppy aroma, sweet, earthy, almost sickly flavour, woodsap finish.
  • 2nd opinion on Solway Mist: very fruity, with hints of elderflower, grapefruit, honey, lemon & ammonia.
  • Barngates Red Bull Terrier: dark red, clean sweet smelling, charcoal flavour and very bitter finish
  • Yates Sun Goddess: whiskey colored, fresh and sour aroma, delicate & sparkly tasting with hoppy finish
  • Barlow Carnival Ale: deep golden colored, tart hoppy aroma, very clean IPA taste, with rough peppery finish
  • Richmond Swale: looks and smells like an old brown ale; gently sour foretaste, very smoky finish.
  • Bollington Oatmeal Stout: bacon and prune flavours, very little roast to it, green but promising stout
  • ending the session with a Banks Mild: predictable, full-flavoured, rich and slightly sweet. Cheers!

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