Saturday, August 22, 2009

Last year's bottled beer tasting: a residence in Twickenham

These are from notes, very little recollection (a year later). Three of us were drinking, so I'll give my rating, and the consensus score of the group.

Thornbridge Kipling: reminiscent of a North American IPA; a bit too hoppy, but would be good with strong cheese; almost like white wine. Aggregate score: 10/15. My score: 2/5.

Aligator: citrus and grass aromas, pithy taste, hoppy but bland. Aggregate score: 7/15. My score: 3/5.

Ringwood Fortyniner: malty, sweet, "dark" flavours; good yeast. The champion of the night. Aggregate: 14/15. My score: 5/5.

Hogsback BSA: hoppy and very quaffable. Would work well with a variety of foods. Aggregate: 10/15. My score: 4/5.

St Austell Admiral's: fruity and citrussy aroma, both hoppy and malty on the finish. Aggregate: 10/15. My score: 3/5.

Entire Stout: very smoky aroma, almost to choke on, but creamy to taste and quite drinkable. Not sure I was in the mood for something so harsh. Aggregate: 9. My score: 2/5.

Crabbies Ginger Beer: great tasting ginger beer, very sweet. Wouldn't know it was alcoholic. I love ginger beer, but this wasn't such a hit with the ale crowd. Aggregate: 11. My score: 5/5.

Oakleaf Bitter: kind of watery, no strong flavours; very bitter on the finish, but overall, meh. Aggregate 5. My score 2/5.

Vale Grumpling: easy drinking, smooth, frothy, dark ale. Would drink again. Aggregate: 12. My score: 4/5.

Cwrw MĂȘl: very clean, like a Czech lager. <illegible notes> Aggregate: 9. My score: 3/5.

Sharps Reserve: "serve chilled", but that made it taste like fizzy pop. Try again at room temperate some day. Aggregate: 7. My score: 3/5.

St Austell Proper Job: hoppy aroma, nice taste. HQ thinks this uses West Coast hops. Aggregate: 10. My score: 3/5.

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